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She was the like a Native American chieftain setting down a roast turkey before a table of hungry Pilgrims. Let's discuss it later.) But as opposed to 99% of the list's names, the increasingly insufferable James Franco took the opportunity to not only deny that he'd had a tryst with Lohan, he also took pains to paint her has a proverbial 'crazy chick.' Not content to limit these comments to, like, a Howard Stern interview, Franco has now released a piece of short fiction to Vice about a 'fictional' hookup with Lohan, which, again, James Franco wants you to know, did not include sex.See, because she'd made up a story about sleeping with him, so he's getting revenge. Anyway, Gawker posted a very amusing deflation of his piece, entitled "Bungalow 89," which they point out reads as another wordy denial of having slept with Lohan and again paints her as mentally unsound. This Sandra Bullock home invasion story just gets more horrifying the more we learn.Authorities eventually unearthed 10 sets of remains on Gilgo and have said they believe at least four of the deaths — all of women — are linked, raising the specter of one or more serial killers using the area as a dumping ground.Biancavilla’s statement this week on the investigation came after Bittrolff was sentenced to at least 50 years in prison after his July conviction on two counts of second-degree murder for the 1990’s beating and strangulation deaths of Colleen Mc Namee and Rita Tangredi, two prostitutes in Long Island.Bittrolff, and that investigation is continuing,” Robert Biancavilla, a prosecutor with the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office in New York, told the Associated Press.The Gilgo Beach case, dubbed the “Long Island Serial Killer,” traces back to the discovery of multiple bodies starting in December 2010.

But the meager details left many questions about how aware Bullock was of the break-in (mansions are big! TMZ now reports that arrested suspect Joshua Corbett was not breaking in to steal anything, he was breaking in to get at Sanda Bullock herself. To be fair, he decided not to bring it to Sandra Bullock's house, but Joshua Corbett is definitely the kind of stalker and home invader who owns a machine gun.

“I am just hoping it is him so it can all end.” In a statement to PEOPLE, the Suffolk D.

A.’s office declined to “expand” on Biancavilla’s comments to the AP, citing the active homicide investigation.

“I don’t know what to think, because Melissa had a lot of calls to Manorville [on Long Island] from her phone and that is where this guy is from,” Lynn Barthelemy, mother of victim Melissa Barthelemy, tells PEOPLE.

“I am thinking when he got arrested was when all this stopped again,” Lynn says.

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Most subsequent pleas were to the violation, and the original 24 defendants who pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor are being allowed to re-plead to the lesser charges.

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