Bosnian pyramids carbon dating

And Europe was in the midst of an ice age 30,000 years ago, making the region uninhabitable.

Further speculation of extra-terrestrial involvement in their construction also attract scepticism.

If this turns out to be true, it will revolutionise our current understanding of human civilisation.

Osmanagic says the scientific community won’t accept the facts because everything they know about human civilisation would be wrong.

Tests in Bosnian, Italian, and French labs confirm the concrete is ‘not of natural origin’, and has a ‘strength and water resistance superior to known material’.

Electromagnetic beams come from the peak of the Bosnian Pyramids, and get stronger as it extends further away.

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) has been used for mapping below-ground tunnels and chambers that have their pyramid connections.

So we might well next ask the question: why are ancient pyramids and their associated energies not eagerly studied by scientific institutions?But, the scientific community is sceptical, and I was too.They’re a complex of five pyramids or hills (depending on which side of the argument you fall on) in a small town 30 kilometres (18.5 miles) northwest of Sarajevo.The digital camera has proved useful in that it can reveal items not normally seen visually.These items include spiritual energy orbs that clearly exist within ancient pyramids and within their associated tunnelscaptured with unquestionable clarity in photos and seen to have sweeping movement when recorded on video film.

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