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However, once the connection is made, you will then be connected through that specific phone number Phoner generated for you.Think of it as walking into a Phone booth and making a call - you don't really know what that phone booth number is.If you really need a phone number to write down on a registration form, or list it on an ad or to give to someone without first having to call or text, then you want to buy a premium phone number which allows you to select from different countries and area codes of your choice. Your minutes and text packages are used for local calls and texts.For any international calls and text, credits will be used. Credits can be bought to allow you to buy and extend premium phone numbers. Phoner is designed for users who value their privacy and may want to protect their primary phone number and identity for several reasons such as website registration, online dating, Craigslist transaction, work, etc.

Once the recipient gets your caller ID, both of you are connected through that number. We continue to add more countries for international calling and texting and driving down the rates for it.

Photon Ad Block blocks ads from advertising network and websites from tracking your every page views.

Photon App Lock locks individual apps on your device and prevent intruders from accessing your app.

In fact, when you call or text someone, the different individuals may see different caller IDs.

It is almost like owning multiple phone numbers or a phone number changer without having to pay for the phone numbers or signing a contract.

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