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why go for a black girl when u can have a pretty hispanic girl with a better body face nd hair seriously think about it..thats the truth Sorry to inform you, but I've seen women of ALL races who don't look that good.I'm a beautiful black African American woman who has been hit on by of course black men, mexicans, p.ricans, and white men and the things that other races say to put down all black women ain't nothing but a broken record that keeps playing the samething over and over again.Here’s how much less interested they were in the other races, as compared with their enthusiasm for men of their own race: Click here to read the whole article: Update: But wait, there’s some “good news” from those same researchers.A few days later, after looking at 300 reader comments, researchers sent some surprising news back. Eastwick, Inter-racial dating is the majority of what I have done since I began dating!Hispanic men do not usually find black women attractive. Hispanic women are some of the most beautiful women on earth. Hi Flashwhatever, i am a Black woman and Black women dont date White men the most, Black women love Black men - we got every thing we need in a Black man why would we want anything else. ..thats why God made Hispanic women; so that they could pair up with Hispanic men, you going on like you would be doing Black women a big favour if you showed us some attention.Most Black women like Black men so get your red azz outta my face!

For me i think black babes are hot but there attitudes will make or break them.

“The researchers realize that their results can be depressing, but they also agree with the many readers who caution against reading too much into the preferences of online daters and speed daters. I married a black man, who I am now (17 years later) divorcing, but the point is that I think the world is FULL of potential, why limit yourself?

Yes, these daters clearly discriminate by race and height and looks and other superficial qualities, but they also temper these biases once they get to know one another.” People who are terribly picky in choosing partners online will relax their standards if they spend just three or four minutes talking to someone at a speed dating session.

But, I'm a black woman that has dated Hispanic men and is still dating a hispanic man and none of the hispanic men I've dated had a small penis.

In fact, they were well endowed more than the black men that I have dated and most of the Hispanic men were better lovers.

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They Are Intimidated By Black Women Because The Majority Of Them Have Small Penises And They Feel They Wont Satisfy A Black Woman Because Black Women Are Used To Sleeping With Black Men Who Have Large Penises.

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