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From the "Overview of Shana's Style": "She has a kind soul and openly shows her concern for others. She wants everyone present to feel like they are part of the group and involved in the discussion." The most striking part of the report was a four-quadrant graph that represented Neuro Color's take on the introversion/extroversion scale.

The x-axis measured introversion and extroversion; the y-axis measured my tendency to be outgoing and reserved.

Black Comedy is not about making jokes at the expense of groups, but rather about using Irony and Fatalism to make them seem amusing while still showing their seriousness.

A prime example is Paul Zindel's play , which ends with the protagonist's mother having a psychotic breakdown and killing her daughters' pet rabbit.

The following day, I received a 22-page PDF, complete with colorful charts and graphs, all about me.

The report read like it had been written by a particularly warm fourth-grade teacher, who also happened to be a personality scientist.

To be sure, I probably would have learned more if all my coworkers had completed the Neuro Color Temperament Inventory and we'd discussed our results together.

Still, I appreciated having concrete language — "reserved extrovert," for example — to explain my idiosyncratic personality and work style.

") But this person sounded smart, and intellectually adventurous — things I aspire to be, but I'm not always sure I am.The whole time I was reading the report, I was keenly aware of what psychologists call the "Barnum effect": the tendency to believe whatever someone tells you about your personality.It helps explains why, when you read your horoscope and it says you're having a hard time with feelings this month, your response is, "OMG, yes — how did you know?Employees then discuss their results in teams and in individual coaching sessions.Deloitte recently drew on Fisher's research on the four different personality types at work; at the time, she'd labeled them Pioneers, Guardians, Drivers, and Integrators.

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" In other words, it's hard — if not impossible — to say whether Neuro Color's description of my personality is "objectively" true.

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