Lesbian of color dating

I decide to start with the redhead, but then she walks in.Tall, thin, Asian, Tech Zoom badge, though it's half-hidden in her bag rather than hanging around her neck.Jenna, Meaghan, and I are having dinner together at our favorite Mexican place on Cap Hill. I have more hope for Jenna, but she turns me down too.

As I walk away, I hear an angry hiss and a suppressed laugh. In other circumstances, I might have taken Shelby up on her offer - as long as everybody's willing, a threeway can be fun on occasion.

He makes artisanal cocktails from sustainable, organic, locally-sourced, small-batch ingredients, all words perfectly calibrated to set lefty, yuppie hearts like mine atwitter.

I stopped in once despite the hype (or maybe because of it) just to see what the place was like.

They both really are very happy, in their own ways, and it makes my heart glad to see it, but I don't want what they have. It used to be a great crowd, almost all women, most of them gay.

That's where I first met Sarah - Meaghan brought her along one night, back when we all still thought she was straight. Nowadays, though, the crowd is more dudes, so definitely not my thing.

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This year, though, I can't wait to see the sun again.

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