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Be watchful and cautious before you disclose too much of information online.

You can run the risk of becoming a victim of stalking, harassment, catfishing, identity theft, webcam blackmail and even phishing scams.

As in finding love the traditional way, online dating too also has its pros and cons.

A recent survey by Norton among men and women in Australia and New Zealand revealed that almost a quarter of the people who have tried online dating and no longer have a profile have found their partner online.

27% of daters in New Zealand and 33% in Australia are likely to lie about their income.

Even physical attributes like their weight was misrepresented.

If you do not live in Australia this could be a challenge, however. Right, than the results could easily outweigh the challenges of hard work and continued persistence.

While there are many genuinely nice men and women out there looking for a soul mate, there are some nefarious characters too. As with anything in life, your first line of defence is your instinct.In order to help mitigate these risks, be very careful with what information you provide on your profile.Make sure your computers, mobile phones and tablets have a reliable security suite like Norton Security Premium. Sneaky apps masquerade as the real deal and dig into your devices for information.He said However, male online daters had also encountered problems.23 % men in Australia and 24% in New Zealand said they had encountered people on dating sites with highly misrepresentative profiles.

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The typical margin of statistical error is /- 4.4% in the sample of 494 daters.

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