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Many Web pages with Terms of Service include a Check Box titled "I agree to the above terms" that must be checked before continuing.

Likewise, a Web Form may contain a set of options in the form of a Check Box List.

In both the is False, the Check Box must be unchecked for the validation control to indicate validity.

At this point, we have all of the needed server-side functionality for the Check Box Validator control.

Checked = value End If ' Recurse if control contains other controls If current Control. Count 0 Then Check All Child Check Boxes(current Control, value) End If Next End Sub ' All-purpose method for displaying a line of text in one of the ' text boxes. New Line) End Sub ' Click event handler for the button that clears the text box.

The problem is that I need my users to also be able to unselect their option, and this is where radio buttons fail because once you select the group, you have to choose an option. I wasn't sure if the on 'change' would fire up as you change the other checkboxes, but it didn't when I tried it. I have two items so the first item is checked by default and if its unchecked the second item becomes checked. If someone need a solution without an external javascript libraries you could use this example. You may click on the checkbox component or associated label text.

Margin = New Padding(3, 3, 3, 1) Check Box Mouse Enter.

Text = "Mouse and Click Events" Check Box Mouse Enter. Location = New Point(26, 69) Check Box Mouse Enter.

Margin = New Padding(3, 3, 3, 1) Check Box Key Up Down.

Location = New Point(26, 207) Check Box Key Up Down.

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