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This guide uses a five-stage approach for building a competency model: The first stage in building a Leadership Competency Model is to assemble a Focus Team composed of a cross-functional mix of first-line leaders, middle leaders, and senior leaders.

Larger organizations might want to build different models for the upper and lower echelons of leadership. That is, they should be the best-in-class in their fields.

Canned tools often fail as they do not provide ownership to the participants and fail to account for the different cultures, climates, and nuances found in every organization.

For effective change to take place you must involve the individuals in the development and implementation of a new process.

Going through each competency, list the major behavioral indicators (Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes [KSA]) needed for superior performance (normally between two to four).

These behavioral indicators need to be: In Stage-Three, you categorize the data.

DEFINITION A competency model is a framework for defining the skill and knowledge requirements of a job.

It is a collection of competencies that jointly define successful job performance.

For example, the late Seattle School Superintendent, John Stanford, was one of the best things that happened to the district; yet he was a former Army General and City Manager without experience or education in educational institutions.The Pyramid of Leadership shows an example of a leadership competency list divided into three categories, Core, Leadership, and Professional; with the behavioral indicators listed for each competency.The core competencies are required for all individuals within the organization, the leadership competencies are specialty items for managers and supervisors, while the professional competencies are specific for each position.Later, this will help them determine a manageable number for a cut-off point.At his point, it is fine if too many competencies are listed.

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