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Zeus infected computers through fairly typical means: fake IRS emails, say, or illegitimate UPS shipping notices that tricked recipients into downloading a file.But once it was on your computer, Zeus let hackers play God: They could hijack websites and use a keystroke logger to record usernames, passwords, and PINs.

“The amount of activity from these guys was phenomenal.” Other institutions began to come forward with losses and accounts of fraud. Craig realized that, from his desk in suburban Omaha, he was chasing a well-organized international criminal network.

Rather than rely on broad infection campaigns, they began to specifically target corporate accountants and people with access to financial systems.

As Slavik turned increasingly to organized crime, he dramatically narrowed his retail malware business.

By the time Craig started his investigation, Zeus had become the digital underground’s malware of choice—the Microsoft Office of online fraud.

Slavik was something rare in the malware world: a genuine professional.

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