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Pine has gone to headline movies, including Paramount’s own Sources say Paramount ultimately made some concessions to the actors, who got a combination of hefty raises and better performance bonuses. I always think of the triumvirate of Mc Coy, Kirk and Spock as representing parts of a single human being.Before getting involved in this franchise I never had an appreciation for this, but once I had a chance to see it up close, I was able to cultivate a deep appreciation for the idealism and faith in humanity he put into his work.And I came to have such a high level of respect and admiration for the characters, just like all the people who have loved them for almost fifty years.Saldana and Quinto's episode will air June 9 at 8 p.m. The actress will perform TLC with Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins and Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas, while Quinto will channel Missy Elliott."I'm competing against a really good friend that I love and respect and he's going to really bring it and give it his all, so the least I can do is do the same," Saldana said.That's when the actors' deals became an issue.

Despite the fact that studios often will give stars big new deals in case of success, no re-negotiations took place for 2013’s cast is said to have received only the nominal raises built into their original contracts. In January, Pegg and franchise director Justin Lin — seen as a get — on board to direct, things were looking like they were back on track.

I wanted to create a feeling in which he’s either in a mode of action – where everything is very electric, sudden, and violent…

really violent – or that if he’s not, that he’s almost cold blooded when he’s in repose. And in that resting state, his body is functioning at a very high level: his eyes glaze over, his voice modulates, and he’s calculating… I wanted him to sound and move as though he were a little bit constructed, a little bit test-tubed, if you will, rather than someone who had a specific ethnicity or background.

Quinto: Those three characters represent a balance that’s an ideal – and pretty well unattainable, I think – in our own lives as individuals. They’re people who care deeply for one another, but also for the people they’re responsible for and the people who work with them.

If the crew of the Enterprise functions as parts of one person, I think that person is Gene Roddenberry.

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