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A winter jacket which comes in a variety of colors made of nylon with an orange lining & a zip & button front it also has the fake fur trim around the hood which when zipped up forms the snorkel this jacket was very populer with school kids and adults a like..privte schools used it as part of there uniform. I'have taken good care of it and it is in excellent condition.

Green with the orange lining and a JC Penney name tag.

You are right I have a three unbranded ones I bought in early 2000s in black, green and navy blue from the a/n store and they are great.

I own every colour made in the orange lined parkas including 2 rare blue lined Millets ones. I have 4x Jon Jo parkas - black, green, maroon and navy, I do like them, but I have about 10 Lord Anthony ones.

I have a Black Label navy parka that's nice and a couple of Crossbow's. Its kind of unusual that although they look the same, each parka as its own uniqueness, slightly different padding, varying nylons, some have nylon lined pockets other don't, some have 2 press studs at the bottom side by side, some are staggered.

Feeling excited now :)I have always loved snorkel parkas and have a strong fetish for them, I have 20 in total.

I love riding my bike in my old blue parka and love the feeling of being fully zipped and buttoned up in my parka.

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I wear a baseball cap with the the fur part of the hood round my neck and it feel lovely.

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