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JOHNSON'S PREPARED WAX is easy to use-simply apply a light coat and polish immediately with a soft woolen or cheese cloth rag, using long, sweeping strokes. Greetings To the World 1 Our Plan 3 English or Spanish or Pan-American- An(;lo-Hispanism? e infiltrar, de alma a alma, el espíritu de familia— por lo meiiot de Htmp Htia — en la comuni Uad da la» Naciones, no obstaote avis difa rencian de rata. TO Johnsons Prepared Wax FOR YEARS Johnson^s Prepared Wax has been recognized as the best preparation for polishing floors, woodwork and fur- niture, but it has just recently come into prominence as an automobile body polish, JOHNSON^S PREPARED WAX preserves the varnish and forms a protection from the weather— it imparts a hard, dry, high gloss which holds the lustre indefinitely, does not collect dust and **Sheds water like a duck's back/' After cars have been polished with JOHNSON'S PREPARED WAX it is easy to keep them good looking — dried mud rubs off like dust, leaving the sheen of the Wax unaffected. SUPERIOR CALIDAD ES NUESTRO LEMA 35 - 39 Plaza Santa Cruz Phone 433 MANILA p. Box 588 TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR JANUARY, 1916 Editorials : pao«. Their unity of purpose and of cause will make them all the more powerful, and a power of many powers. We believe, however, this goes no further than a mere statement. The splendid aid the people of the United States are giving England in a private, though open, way, is significant of a more than plain, ordinary sympathy, and offsets any such racial qualification. But, in that democracy, the stronger powers will still be stronger, and the weaker, strength- ened. This is simply unity expressly for the prevention of war, for the improvement of friendly relations, and, it may be, the first practical steps in the attempt to federate nations. THE PHILIPPINE REVIEW Odds and Counter-Odds ENGLAND AND AMERICA: We often hear that, while an American can suit himself to circumstances, and become, for instance, a loyal Englishman, through the operation of law and his will, a Britisher — particularly an Irishman— is always a Britisher, no matter wheresoever he may be. NORTH, CENTRAL, AND SOUTH AMERICA: As to North, Central, and South America, it is true that, until recently, a rather antagonistic feeling prevailed amongst them. intervention in the Mexican embroglio, and the embroglio itself, and by the second Pan-American Scientific Congress would seem to have done away with such feeling.

SPAIN AND ENGLAND: And Spain and England treasure in their records, past and present, and in their physical geography, plentiful material for the promotion of an actual alliance between them.The business communities in the United States and in England realize the necessity of learning Spanish for their immense traffic with the Central and South American repub- lics, and with Cuba, Porto Rico and Spain, and, as a sequel, Spanish is now being earnestly taught in America — in England as well — and scholars by the hundreds of thousands are devoting their energies to acquiring linguistic proficiency in the language of Cervantes.English, on the other hand, is known and widely used as the world's business tongue, and spoken in said republics, as well as in Spain, Cuba, and Porto Rico. Better still, at the dawn of the new year, Washington surprised us with the following cablegraphic advice: "Washington, January L — Exchange of views, as to the possibility of a chain of military alliances binding together the countries of South America, is now going on, and the issue of the pourparlers is awaited with the deepest interest. But a clearer understanding, as more definitely established by the recent A. Furthermore, the successful opening of the Panama canal has provided the two continents with greater facilities for mutual intelligence, and has awakened in them a clearer vision of their common interests.

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