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And then there’s the Boyfriend Twin Tumblr that recently surfaced, featuring gay couples that look almost identical running under the headline, “What’s sexier than dating yourself? website features straight, gay and lesbian couples who look like they could be related.

Both of these blogs tap that impulse to be with someone who echoes your own personality and looks.

Force and coercion will always eventually end the same way.

Freedom of association is the only way human beings were meant to interact.

It’s a Ponzi scheme of epic proportions, and one that’s non-optional to participate in.

The mainstream media is almost coddling the public over the “red alert” created by the socialist policies in Illinois.

And California and New Jersey are most likely next thanks to the government awarding pensions they cannot pay for. Invest in gold or silver because Illinois will soon look like Venezuela and the dollar will be all but worthless.

The mass exodus of property owners began when the land of Lincoln decided to jack up property taxes in an attempt to cover for their awful Ponzi scheme mismanagement, and the spiral into an almost billion debt crisis began.

According to the video below by SGTReport, the situation is worse than we are being told.

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